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Miriam Jarquín Biography

Miriam Jarquín initiated her career as a singer in 1977 with the National Symphony Orchestra Choir of Costa Rica. She started singing jazz, pop, and rock in 1981, becoming one of the most important singers in San José, up ‘til today. In 1983, she started vocal lessons, participating in many lyrical concerts as a soloist and also in choirs.

Miriam graduated from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, in 1990 and in 1991, she established the Modern Music Academy in Costa Rica (Academia de Música Moderna).

She is the winner of numerous musical festivals in her country, and participant in a variety of relevant international musical festivals throughout Latin America, representing Costa Rica: Festival de Paisajes Urbanos in Cuba on 1999, the Curaçao Jazz Festival on 2001 and the Latin Autor International Festival in Punta del Este, Uruguay, on 2003.

In 2002, the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture awarded her for her successful singing career and for the contribution of her musical academy to the formation of Costa Rican musicians. Thanks to her musical versatility, she is often invited to participate in other artists’ musical projects and she also participated in some recordings in the Birdland Recording Studio. 


She started the project Blues Latino in 1999. Miriam Jarquín & Blues Latino is a project that was born in October of 1999 as a duo when she started to perform with the singer with accordionist and pianist Héctor Murillo in various venues and some private events.

Little by little they were recruiting the other musicians, to transform themselves from a duo to a trio until becoming what they are still today. This is how they already have three compact discs. The first of them “Blues Latino and Live Jazz” was recorded during their participation in the XIV edition of the Curaçao Jazz Festival. Check also this post about Keb-mo, a true legend, a virtuoso.

The Curacao Jazz Festival was the bomb that detonated what is now a clean, elegant and consolidated sound. The time was in charge of amalgamating the talents resulting in that these experienced lords of the stage achieve a balanced musical concept, where the old melodies are incorporated in contemporary jazz and blues melodies supported by a Constant Latin Jazz Base: Guaguancó. This music has its own rhythmic constraint by that jazz spirit, as national critics have remarked.

Her second record production is named after the group: “Miriam Jarquín & Blues Latino”, which was recorded in 2002 and was released in April 2003. It contains thirteen themes between originals, new versions, and instrumental themes, which represent the essence of the group. Also interesting is this interview with Canadian Jazz and Blues singer Kellylee Evans.

The third and most recent production of the group is the double-disc “no Words” that was recorded in the year 2005 and went on the market in 2006. This double disc contains twenty themes of which ten are original and the rest are very own versions of the group.

The voice of Miriam is accompanied by the piano and the accordion of Héctor Murillo, the bass of Marco Ortíz, the percussion of Pepe Chacón, and the flute and the sax by Ronny Ugalde. This sounds like Birdland, the Jazz Corner of the World. Possessing a warm, acoustic, intimate and pleasant sound, this group has more than eighteen years of being carrying its music by different national scenarios, as well as by various private events.

Miriam Jarquín & Blues Latino are nothing but a sound full of elegance and sophistication, achieved by the quality of its members who have made music, a fusion of good taste and taste.


• Blues Latino & Jazz En Vivo-2001  (14th Annual Curaçao Jazz Festival)
• Miriam Jarquín & Blues Latino-2002
• No Words-2005


Miriam Jarquin & Blues Latino Jazz Band is the new musical project of this group, which for some time has been developing and that began to crystallize at the beginning of 2007. For an interesting post about the evolution of the Blues (from Robert Johnson to Rober Cray), click here.

“The idea is to use the same repertoire that we have been working with, our original songs and the versions of classical themes that we do. With this new project, what we will do is dress up as a label for very special occasions,” Murillo said.

Miriam Jarquín & Blues Latino Jazz Band is composed of 19 musicians plus The Voice of Miriam Jarquín. This is the Music of Brasil! Apart from the usual Latin Blues cast and drummer, there are three trumpets, three trombones, four saxophones, two flutes, and two chorus players.

What distinguishes this project the most are the arrangements that are made to each theme because they are exclusive and also original for this format with which they expect a unique and unparalleled sound.


Entrellas is the name of the show featuring Miriam Jarquín and Blues Latino along with two other Costa Rican singers: María Pretiz and Rosanna Telford.

The gathering of three female voices with different nuances is an experiment that saw the light nine years ago, when Jarquín and Pretiz joined Costa Rican singer and actress Sylvie Durán to present a concert where their voices mixed solo, duet and tr, o songs. They later performed the show accompanied by Peruvian singer Patricia Saravia.

The success obtained made them repeat on many occasions, counting in a fixed way with Jarquín and Pretiz, adding in each new presentation, a guest that enriched with his style, the final result. It was in late 2004 that ENTRELLAS was joined by Rosanna Telford, who has since become part of the show.

One of the characteristics of ENTRELLAS is that each one has its own style and so will the show: three singers with different tastes and different ways of singing.