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Birdland Recording Studio

Birdland Recording Studio is located in TownCreek, Alabama. Just a short drive from Muscle Shoals, Decatur, or Huntsville. Birdland was started by Owen Brown, James Murphree and Jeffrey Simpson in 1983. Birdland studio was relocated from Decatur to TownCreek in 1987.

The following recording of “Birdland” (Freddie Hubbard with the Allyn Ferguson Band) was not recorded in Birdland Recording Studio but a video absolutely unique:

The studio is a 3,000 square foot antebellum home which had its beginnings as a two-room log cabin in 1828. There are 8 acres of land to “roam if you want to”.

Birdland is equipped with a 16 track, I” Tascam analog recorder, 24 channel Tascam mixing console, a choice array of microphones (AKG, Shure) to choose from, dynamics processing and effects gear, Yamaha NS10s, and ESS large monitors for, of course, monitoring.

At Birdland, the setting is very relaxed and comfortable which helps to bring out the creative spirit in the artist. Some were heard saying “it’s not like being in a sterile recording environment”, “a band or a songwriter can really concentrate on just the music”. As Eddie Hinton would say there’s just something about recording at Birdland, I can commune with nature.

Birdland has a state of the art, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) editing/mastering system which is used to prepare recordings for release on CD, cassette, or even LP. This system also contains extremely powerful software, which has the capability to remove tape noise, background noise, clicks, pops, crackles and other extraneous noises from existing tapes a customer may have. One customer commented that “the CD with Music from Brasil sounded better than what he remembered the master tape sounding.

Birdland DAW and tracking has undertaken many projects where background noises would have ruined a recording, but they were able to remove them to the extent that the recordings were commercially released (ex. Eddie Hinton – Hard Luck Guy). This shows clearly the jazz side of Afrobeat. On another project, they transferred an LP to CD and were able to remove the groove noise, hiss and pops from the recording.

At Birdland, they provide mastering services, such as dynamics processing, limiting, compression, EQ, program maximizing, sequencing and provide a PM-CDR which would allow direct pressing of CD at a production facility (no mastering or conversion charge).

Birdland DAW and Tracking has the capability to make short run (10-25) production (RED Book) CDs. Call them about your recording project, or a tape you recorded which you would like to have a few CD’s made, or maybe a few thousand. They can provide you with the professional services you may need to get your project off to a great start as was also done by performers at Rhythm Explosion, a festival and workshop meeting in Bozeman, Montana.

Stop waiting for the record companies to knock at your door, release your own CD of your band or solo act right now! Relax and record your music in the peaceful setting of a secluded antebellum estate.

Birdland Recording Studios located just minutes from Huntsville or Muscle Shoals has been accommodating artist, writers, and bands since 1983. With analog multi-track recording, digital mastering, and editing, they can take your project all the way from concept to a releasable product. We mix your multi-track recording down to DAT (Digital 2 Track). Check out also this interesting post: B.B. King: The Legendary Blues Master

They then master your finals mixes, edit and sequence your songs on a Digital Audio Workstation. Then they make you a Master PM-CD and 10 CD-R copies. With your PM-CD you can have commercial CD’s and cassettes pressed at most any production facility. Other packages and specials are also available.